January 2021 Notice

Due to the unprecedented surge in demand for factory ammunition, the supply of new commercial  308 Winchester brass from both Winchester and Federal has evaporated.   While we have had orders in with distributors since September 2020, we ran out of inventory in November 2020 and still have no estimated date when we can resume processing brass into 375 RAPTOR. 

When brass is available for us to process, we will update this page with pricing and availability that is based on the current market conditions at that time.

In response to some questions

Q – Will you process fired 308 Winchester / 7.62 NATO) brass supplied by a customer?

A – No, we use automated machines and processing fired “dirty” brass would require our frequently stopping to throughly clean the machine.   In addition, to produce a quality output, we would have to clean and polish brass once processed adding additional expense that would increase the price.  

Q – Can you obtain reprocessed military brass to maintain production?

A – While we could, we have determined that most reprocessed military brass can be questionable quality due it commonly coming from training ranges for belt fed machine guns.