This is new manufacture, never fired, Winchester brand commercial 308 Winchester brass converted to 375 RAPTOR by expanding, forming and trimming to proper length. In addition, we chamfer the inside the case mouth. All shipping through USPS Priority Flat Rate to all 50 states and US Territories.

  • $82.00 for 100 rounds (82 cents each) plus $18 shipping & handling
  • $175.00 for 250 rounds (70 cents each) plus $20 shipping & handling
  • $325.00 for 500 rounds (65 cents each) plus $25 shipping & handling
  • Texas Deliveries require an additional 8.25% Sales Tax

Ordering Instructions

  • When we receive your order, we will send an electronic notification to make your payment directly through our merchant provider.  This method enhances the security for you as only the financial institution has your payment information. 
  • Once payment is made, the merchant processor will notify us and we will ship your order via USPS Priority Mail using Flat Rate Boxes. Delivery typically is 2-3 days following shipping and you will receive tracking information via email from USPS.
  • USA Sales Only – Raptor Shooting Systems does not export.

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